Monday, 7 March 2011

From Eternity to Eternity !

We common mortals deal constantly in beginnings and ends……. days , weeks , months , seasons ,  years ,  baseball games ,  races , leases , relationships ,school semesters ,  snowstorms , TV programmes ,  trips , love – making , etc………. and , of course , the big one….. life itself !! Philosophically and religiously we refer to the aftermath of death as eternity…….. pay back time for all should our belief system teach such dogma……..either eternal punishment for the wicked or everlasting bliss for the good !! Now as far as I am concerned eternity is nothing else than endless or interminable duration  …. the length of which is totally unfathomable for our limited  minds ……. mainly because eternity has no lengths ….. or rather IS one long length of "foreverness" , "neverendingness"…….infinite in its very essence !! It is seemingly a continuum with neither beginning nor end !!…. a continuum without intermission !! When I was born I was drawn from eternity into parallel time that we call “life” with all its joys and sufferings ……….. and when I die   ,  much like the space shuttle which drops its booster rockets ,   I shall slough off ” this mortal coil”  ( Shakespeare’s Hamlet meaning flesh , blood and bones ) and soar back into eternity where I belong. Folks always told the story about the  atheist all dressed up in his coffin but nowhere to go. To my way of thinking he’s surely going somewhere …… whether he likes it or not…….. eternity !!!…….infinite duration…… total oblivion ....….and I guess that’s about as far as our linguistic and mental ability will allow us to go  ….????
Post Scriptum.
The big problem I have with the above rant is that I am using words such as time , duration , etc to describe and fathom the notion of eternity which , to my way of thinking , is not amenable to analysis using time-oriented terminology ..... yet , it's all we have !!..... or is it ?


  1. We'll all be washed up on the shores of our eternal past.

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