Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Neverending Quest !

These last four years I have revived interest in a few of my old loves ...... namely the classical Latin authors and their works. By far my favourite is Cicero since his quest for knowledge and truth constantly crosses paths with my own ongoing search into life's ultimate whys and wherefores. Caesar's "Bella Gallica" ( Gallic Wars) impressed me greatly ...... portraying him as a worthy leader and warrior ...... and has provided me with an ample sketch of those ancient peoples who inhabited first-century-B.C.  Gaul , England and southern Germany. Back in 1954-55 I had "wrestled" my way through the Gallic Wars in order to pass the Ontario Senior Matrics exam and succeeded. However , in those days I was more into grammar ... especially at getting a good mark .....and not so much interested in the historical or semantic content of Caesar's exploits.  Works like those of Caesar gained my admiration and added much to my overall knowledge of history ... but left unquenched my thirst for philosophical question-answer queries so often associated with the pre-Christian Greek thinkers  such  as Aristotle , Plato , Socrates and so many more .... then I happened upon Cicero's work entitled De Senectute ... About Aging ..... and immediately knew I had hit paydirt ....                                                                              

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