Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Time is of the Essence !

Whether time is fleeting , fleeing , being wasted , killed or standing still or marches on .... time and tide wait for no man  ,,,,,, time out ! all in due time .... time's up ..... time's run  out ........ then into overtime ..... doing time .... the untimely demise of a two-timing timekeeper ..... time after time .... suppertime .... in the meantime .... in the course of time ... no matter how thin you slice it , it\s still "time" ! .... and we don't really have a great amount of it when compared to "eternity "! As a matter of fact , there is no time in eternity at all !

In From Eternity to Eternity where I did my damnedest to detach myself from my formal scholastic training in Aristotelian and Thomistic philosophy and express my very own inner thoughts on the subject ,  I rambled on about my personal understanding of two fundamental notions : time and eternity. To my way of thinking , the night (?) my parents made love back sometime in early April , 1935 I was plucked from eternity ..... where I "stood " potentially on stand-by waiting to be "activated "....... then catapulted into the reality of time ..... the concrete world of movement where every thing and action is measured in terms of past , present and future ... the before , the now and the after of all that exists within the framework or dimensions of time ! In other words TIME is nothing other than a word -concept that mankind has invented to help itself grasp , rationalize , describe , justify and explain the durative framework in which all happens in real life. Nowhere is the notion of time better expressed than in the verbal systems of the languages we speak ... and no two languages in the world divide up the continuum of time in the exact same way. One thing seems sure though ... and that is that time seems to come out of the future towards us in the present .... then flow on by us like the slow-moving waters of a stream onto the beaches of eternity ...... well beyond the reaches of time...... thus we say , "Christmas is coming soon!" or " Old age will come upon you sooner than you think!", etc ....

Up until now I have neither mentioned God nor divine design in this soul searching journey of mine ... however, I am a firm believer in both ! I believe that when God created the potentiality of the world we know and live in and set the whole shebang in motion .... that time began at that precise moment. I equate God to eternity ... that is both  having neither beginning nor end. Time , on the other hand , shall come to a grinding halt sometime down the road ...... ceasing to  exist because of  its own innate , finite essence ! Time exists only because the universe exists ! Beyond the universe there is only eternity ..... a timeless "somewhere" movement , no motion , no linearity , no duration ..... simply and hopefully a blissful state of  peace and rest. Amen !

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