Friday, 6 November 2015

Nature or Nurture ?

I first heard the terms "nature" and "nurture" defined and discussed while attending an introductory course in psychology at Assumption University in 1958. The word "nature"referred to our physical make-up or genes while "nurture" harked back to the formative years of our early childhood and adolescence in the home , school , church ....our family and social surroundings and the impact these had on making us what and who we have become psychologically. In other words whom or to what do I owe a big THANKS for being the insupportable bastard or the sweet-natured , loveable guy I am today? The upbringing my parents , school and church imposed upon me  ...or have I always had it in my blood ...genes ... ?  ..... thereby implying a necessary link between my physical make-up and my outlook on life , etc
In hindsight I can safely say that being born into a Catholic family in the North End of Saint John back in the 1930s branded me with an indelible mark that is still visible today at age 79 ... not so much in my physical appearance but rather on my deep subconscience which surfaces sporadically , almost like a tug .... and especially on Sundays and high moments throughout the  liturgical years ... Christmas ,Lent , Easter,etc.
I discussed these questions the other day with an old childhood friend , Paul Brideau , to whom I confessed my loss of the old FAITH but reassured him that HOPE and CHARITY were still alive and well. In fact ,I'd say that I the only big difference is that I no longer follow the road map to heaven set out  for me is my early childhood. However , ... much like my friend Cicero in his great work entitled De Amicitia who says , " For I do not agree with those who have recently begun to argue that soul and body perish at the same time , and that all things are destroyed by death." Moreover , I have the deep feeling that my belief in God has been awakened these last few years and is slowly gaining strength with each passing day as I age "gracefully and peacefully" with a warm and loving wife to encourage me onwards  , being afirm believer in God herself .....although she be the product of a somewhat different religious Weltanschauung  .... all in all though I believe we stimulate each other in a very positive way.
When I hear scientists brag that science has all the answers I get the shivers ... even though I often agree with such slogans as , " The good thing about science is that it's true whether you believe it or not" .... referring to the popular belief that the earth wascreated roughly 6000 years ago. Amen for the moment as I can go no further today on this question.

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