Thursday, 7 January 2016

Life as an Hourglass

The moment I was conceived in my mother's womb Old Father Time must have filled my hourglass to the brim ... or almost ... for tomorrow I shall join the hallowed flock of geezers who have attained the ripe old age of 80. Although the sand no longer sifts through the slot from the upper to the lower chambre with the gusto of yore , yet I feel its movement in my every step , gesture and breath as it trickles through the narrow opening  .... slow but constant .... a far cry from the rhythm of yesteryear.... and there is also the uncertainty as to just how much sand is left in the top bulb  ,  one of the great unknowns in life. These reflexions are not meant to be overly poetic .... neither philosophical nor pessimistic as I am enjoying my old age in a  very possitive way  with the woman I love ...... and a wilily independent cat named McDuff a slow-moving life style that I can keep pace with. I have likewise been blessed with two sons who sent me birthday greetings today from Québec both vowing their love for me .... adding that the world became a better place for all to live in the day I was born some 80 years ago. I FEEL LOVED ! Now there's a morale booster for you ...... so what could a guy ask for better ?

An aging body goes along with getting old .... our physical activities are limited and I have no trouble accepting that my hockey days stay tucked away safely in my memory treasure chest ... no longer can I shovel the quantity of snow I piled high around our house in Lac-Beauport during the winter of 2007 -2008 .... no more strenous digging up plots of earth for gardening .... over those days and nights of pumping water from perennial flooding in our basement over a 34-year period of my hourglass ....

Over the years I have been thankful for many things .... loving parents , family and friends , long and successful career , reasonable well being , etc but now as the dusk enshrouds my hourglass and life in the fast lane means outrunning snails I find myself deeply indebted to Minerva , Roman Goddess of learning and knowledge as well as my own Deus and Prime Mover for having instilled in me from an early age a hunger and thirst for learning ..... topping all of this with keen appreciation for incongruity which is the sine qua non of humour. Were I to lose my zest for knowledģe and my sense of humour I would cease being , therefore dead even though still breathing and heart still thumping along....

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